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To everyone who has so faithfully asked, yes, there has been a hiatus in books by Kathleen Korbel. The truth is that I took a little time off to play with my kids. And then, just to play. But I'm back, and I'm going to finish the Kendall series that was begun with Jake's Way in 1992 and continued with Simple Gifts in 1994. I'd love to say that I planned to do the entire family of four as a series all along, but when Jake's siblings showed up on the page, they surprised me. And now, they won't leave me alone.

Yes, Gen's book is out. SOME MEN'S DREAMS follows what happens when Gen meets the man of her dreams, only to find that some dreams are harder to survive than others. It's already garnered some lovely reviews:

a rare 4 1/2 Gold from ROMANTIC TIMES

BOOKLIST (STARRED) "...an emoitionally satisfying, beautifully poignant romance...a superbly fashioned, wickedly clever and witty love story. (Thank you Jon Charles)

WRITERSPACE "...Korbel does a masterful job of of showing us two people fallin in love despite their best intentions...(ditto Karen Williston)

LAURIE LIKES BOOKS: "Wow...simply phenomenal" (yowza, Leigh Thomas)

I hope you can pick it up and share more Kendalls with me. As for Zeke, yes, I'm still going after his book, but the trip to Ireland is being postponed 'til May (Beltaine, spring lambs, wild Irish flags). Too much time in New Orleans this year.

Thank you again, Korbel readers, for hanging in there. I know I'm not writing as fast as I used to, but I am still writing.

SOME MEN'S DREAMS has been named by Booklist as one of the top ten romances of the year! My thanks to them, to my readers and to Lesley Wainger and Silhouette who have always encouraged me to raise the bar higher.

Kathleen's Booklist:

§ award winning¥ nominated for award1/2/3/4 connected series

  • Some Men's Dreams Silhouette Intimate Moments July, 2003 - 3
  • Sail Away Silhouette Desire #1254, November 1998 -  4
  • Don't Fence Me In Silhouette Desire #1015 August, 1996 - 4                
    ISBN# 0-373-76015-9
  • A Soldier's Heart Silhouette Intimate Moments #602, November 1995 §
  • Simple Gifts  Silhouette Intimate Moments #571, June 1994 - 3 ¥                
  • Timeless  Silhouette Shadows Anthology, October 1993¥ 
  • Walk on the Wild Side   Silhouette Intimate Moments #457, November 1992 §
  • Isn't It Romantic?  Silhouette Desire #703,  April 1992
  • Jake's Way   Silhouette Intimate Moments #413,  January 1992 - 3 ¥
  • A Fine Madness   Silhouette Desire Man of the World #668 , October 1991
  • A Rose for Maggie   Silhouette Intimate Moments #396, August  1991 §
  • Lightning Strikes  Silhouette Intimate Moments #351, September,1990
  • Hotshot   Silhouette Desire Man of the Month #582,  July, 1990 ¥
  • The Ice Cream Man  Sihouette Intimate Moments #309, November 1989 §
  • Perchance to Dream  Silhouette Intimate Moments#276  June 1989 - 2 §
  • The Road to Mandalay Silhouette Summer Sizzlers 1989 ¥
  • The Princess and the Pea  Silhouette Desire #455,  October 1988 - 1                                
  • Edge of the World  Silhouette Intimate Moments #222, February 1988
  • A Prince of a Guy  Silhouette Desire#389  November 1987 - 1
  • Worth Any Risk  Silhouette Intimate Moments #191, May 1987 - 3
  • A Stranger's Smile Silhouette Intimate Moments #162, October 1986
  • Playing the Game  Silhouette Desire #286, June 1986